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A commitment to partnership drives successful relationships. Here, at OnlineNW, we specialize in providing communication solutions for companies in the wine industry, working with over 100 vineyards and wineries in the mid-valley region. We understand the unique challenge of needing world-class communication infrastructures in remote rural locations. Our roots in this community are as deep as our expertise.



OnlineNW delivers dependable Internet service, matching the best available technology for our customer’s location. Given the remote nature of vineyards and wineries, most qualify and utilize our extensive wireless network which includes 40 tower locations in the mid-valley region. For others we are able to provide fiber and DSL solutions. Additionally, many of our customers include our phone services.


As our customers grow, so to do their communication and network needs. For larger vineyards and wineries, that have greater demand for bandwidth, we provide connections with speeds up to 1 Gbps.  Additionally we provide IT Services/Network Support, VLAN, and Wi-Fi Access along with a suite of mission critical offerings.

Custom Solutions

Complex businesses often require custom solutions to meet their unique needs. For this reason OnlineNW offers our customers solutions such as remote site connectivity and campus networking, utilizing both fiber and wireless technologies.

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The Art and Craft of WiFi Coverage

WiFi access has become critical to the success of wineries in the Willamette Valley, due in part to the increase in adoption of cloud-based software, such as POS systems like Square or Clover, that rely on WiFi networks. Unfortunately, wineries, vineyards, and tasting...

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Tech in the Wine Industry: Monitoring with TankNet

In the fermentation process, the temperature is everything. Temperatures above or below the ideal range will have a direct impact on the finished wine. With so many resources invested in harvest and crush, a misstep during fermentation could prove catastrophic. In...

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Luxury Accommodations with High-Tech Amenities

Neatly nestled back a winding blacktopped lane, in the rolling west hills of Dundee, you’ll find a jewel of a place. The Black Walnut Inn & Vineyard is a one stop spectacular for elegant lodging, premier wine tasting, and a visceral experience like none other. The...

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A Tasting Room with a View

Jeff Meader, owner/operator at Eminent Domaine, has been a fixture in the Oregon wine industry for over a decade.  His first vintage was in 2006 at NW Wine Company then located in McMinnville.  Fast forward 10 years and Eminent Domaine opened their tasting room doors...

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The Lenné Estate Solution

Along well known Laughlin Road in Yamhill, Oregon you’ll notice a distinct two-story stone building that perfectly anchors the 20 acre vineyard of Lenné Estate.  Steve Lutz, and his wife Karen, named the winery after their pet chicken, Lenny (the French translation of...

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