Along well known Laughlin Road in Yamhill, Oregon you’ll notice a distinct two-story stone building that perfectly anchors the 20 acre vineyard of Lenné Estate.  Steve Lutz, and his wife Karen, named the winery after their pet chicken, Lenny (the French translation of Lenné is “Len the hen”).

Steve is a longtime client of OnlineNW and his bandwidth needs grew at the winery due to the addition of cloud based point-of-sales and video streaming in the upstairs apartment.  However, due to the vineyard’s location, providing faster Internet speeds was proving to be a challenge due to the long distance from the only tower which had the required line-of-sight.  When another local winery made the move to OnlineNW it prompted a more comprehensive look at Steve’s property to see if there was potential for a custom solution that would benefit Lenné and nearby homes and businesses.

img_1389_p680With Steve’s assistance and approval, a new OnlineNW “mini-tower” site was installed on a pump house near the top of his vineyard.  A point-to-multipoint transmitter was deployed there to provide standard wireless Internet service to local residential users.  In addition two point-to-point relays were established to provide Lenné and another local winery with dedicated bandwidth.  The dedicated connection gave Steve faster speeds, better latency and best of all it was unshared with any other users.  
Partnering with Lenné gave Steve the solution he seeked and provided OnlineNW the opportunity to expand our wireless coverage area to offer better Internet service in a location that previously was a challenge.