img_7811The WillaKenzie Estate is a family owned winery located in Yamhill, Oregon.  Bernard Lacroute originally purchased the property in 1991, which was a cattle farm at the time, and planted a vineyard a year later in 1992.  Today, the Jackson Family owns the winery, “We believe that with their strong commitment to Oregon, their depth of knowledge, resources and their shared values with WillaKenzie, the Jackson Family is well-equipped to take the Estate to the next step and carry out our legacy.” (Bernard Lacroute)

WillaKenzie contacted OnlineNW because they wanted to re-envision their internal network used to access their Internet connection. Their existing solution used multiple technologies and was prone to frequent outages.  OnlineNW was contracted in late October with requirements the project was to be completed in time for Thanksgiving.

The completed project included a dedicated licensed wireless connection for Internet with a point-to-point relay connecting to their fiber network at the tasting room.  The solution provided Internet service to all the main buildings on their campus and simplified the setup by eliminating multiple relay hops that previously plagued their connectivity with intermittency.

The Estate now has a dedicated link, meaning they have a dedicated Internet connection that is not shared with other customers, granting them better latency and faster speeds. The entire project was completed by OnlineNW two weeks prior to the Thanksgiving deadline.