TankNet monitoring box on one of the tanks at Lingua Franca

In the fermentation process, the temperature is everything. Temperatures above or below the ideal range will have a direct impact on the finished wine. With so many resources invested in harvest and crush, a misstep during fermentation could prove catastrophic.

In France, winemakers use temperature probes in the fermentation tanks to monitor each batch to ensure its quality. These probes are hardwired to a central location, giving the winemakers an efficient monitoring setup that eliminates the need to individually manually check the thermostats. These monitoring setups are becoming even more powerful as new WiFi-enabled technologies are developing. However, according to Thomas Savre, the winemaker for Lingua Franca, monitoring systems are not typically found in Oregon.

Recently, Savre implemented TankNet in Lingua Franca’s winemaking facilities. TankNet, a leading manufacturer of web-enabled winery control technology in the United States, has a solution that is becoming widely adopted by wineries in California. In their solution, real-time monitoring is available on mobile devices.  Even text notifications can be sent if temperatures fall out of range. Lingua Franca is deploying this solution so that Thomas and his team can get access to critical fermentation data anywhere and at any time.

OnlineNW is an important partner in this solution. Coordinating with the engineers from TankNet, OnlineNW helped install this solution and the enabling WiFi infrastructure. As wineries in Oregon adopt new technologies, OnlineNW is in position to provide the Internet services, WiFi access, and network infrastructure needed to support these upgrades.