Chapter 24 Vineyards Case Study

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Same Day Solution for Expanding Winery



With an interest in philosophy and a focus on organic farming, Ryan Hannaford, Director of Viticulture for Chapter 24 Vineyards, explained, “We are working hard to develop our vineyards.  We want 100% control over our fruit growing and winemaking operations.”  In addition to their visible tasting room on Hwy 99W in Dundee, Chapter 24 Vineyards recently purchased 100 acres on Spring Valley Rd. NW in Salem just on the eastern edge of the Eola-Amity Hills AVA.  In 2015 they were named “The year’s best Pinot Noir” by Wine & Spirits Magazine.

Ryan contacted OnlineNW to inquire about new service at their recently purchased vineyard.  The rural location didn’t yet have a permanent office for him and his crew, but Ryan knew he needed connectivity for email access and order processing since he planned on spending long hours at the site.  He heard about OnlineNW from Walter Scott Wines and to him, “the referral said it all.”

Chapter 24 Vineyards

“At the Chapter 24 Vineyards we want to create a culture that is uncommonly interesting, innovative, intelligent, human, irreverent, focused, timely and delicious. A culture about the action of thinking. Thinking about the vineyard, the evolution of grape to wine, and above everything else, the experience of drinking. It is only the act of drinking that fully animates our wine. At their best, our Pinots change the atmosphere around our lives. Emotion, thought and action influenced by the attractive forces generated by a glass of wine.”


The biggest challenge was to be the most efficient with Ryan’s time.  With the new vineyard purchase Ryan was very busy and our goal was to maximize the value of our initial meeting with him in order to get his priority list for new services, set proper installation expectations, and provide a solution that addressed his immediate needs.

The vineyard’s location served up a few obstacles.  The warehouse, which also served as an temporary office, did not have line-of-sight to any OnlineNW towers.  When scouting the property with Ryan, we learned that a house and modular home, both nearby but on separate lots, were also part of the purchase.

Ryan wanted the house, modular home, and warehouse all connected to the Internet with robust Wi-Fi access.  During our first on-site meeting at the vineyard, a plan was agreed upon to service all locations.

According to Ryan, “The warehouse is in a “hole” and required a relay solution.  The first day OnlineNW came out they devised a plan, had the necessary equipment, and installed it the same day.  They outdid themselves.”


Ryan already had a full-time wine operation with Chapter 24 and adding a new vineyard site was keeping him more than busy.  The new location in west Salem had spotty cell coverage and he needed connectivity immediately in order to access emails and other media outlets.  A comprehensive solution that could be quickly implemented was crucial.  It was important to not only meet with Ryan at the vineyard, but also be prepared to install the same day.

A house, on a separate nearby property, was part of the vineyard purchase and had the required line-of-sight to an OnlineNW tower.  To provide fixed wireless Internet service to rural locations, line-of-sight is needed in order to achieve the proper amount of signal.  We were able to install the initial feed antenna at this location which not only provided the house with an Internet connection, but also allowed us to relay service to the modular home (used by interns) and warehouse at the vineyard.  A 5GHz UBNT AP and corresponding SM’s were used to interconnect the locations.

In addition to access in the warehouse office it was critical that Ryan had Wi-Fi available on most of the property.  As a viticulturist, Ryan spends a lot of his time outdoors on the farm and connectivity to send and receive information via the Internet was a must.  We installed a commercial grade UBNT outdoor radio and antenna which Ryan says, “One of the highlights of the solution was having my owner remark, ‘you have Wi-Fi access in the fields!’  We didn’t expect to have coverage across 100 acres.”  Ryan also said, “Connectivity for emails and music (Ryan installed Sonos speakers strategically on the property) is huge for moral during harvest or when on a tractor for hours on end.”

By the end of the day we had installed Internet service at the house, put up a transmitter to relay service to the modular home and warehouse, placed corresponding receivers at the modular home and warehouse, and provided Wi-Fi access to the vineyard via an outdoor access point.  Ryan had this thought, “It’s 2016 and we shouldn’t have to write something down then make it digital later on.  We should be able to use our devices which leads to improved reporting accuracy and just makes good business sense.”  Now, in their vineyard, Ryan has the Internet access to do just that.

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