Coeur de Terre Vineyards Case Study

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In the hills of the McMinnville AVA lies Coeur de Terre Vineyards.  Scott Neal, owner and operator, describes the location as “a south facing gem.”  The property spans 92 acres total with 40 acres consisting of planted vineyards.  Scott’s vision is to, “Make wine that tells the story of the unique aspects of Coeur de Terre and our commitment to organic and sustainable farming in Oregon.”  His belief is, “Great Pinot is made in the vineyard.”  A heart shaped rock unearthed on the property during the initial excavation phase inspired the french name Coeur de Terre.

With operations now based in the cloud, fast and reliable Internet is a must.   OnlineNW was able to work with Scott, and his surrounding neighbors, to establish a custom relay system that provides him with a state-of-the-art Internet solution.   

Coeur de Terre Vineyards

“Coeur de Terre vineyard specializes in producing estate grown Pinot Noir from our vineyard located in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range. We do it all, we live on the estate, planted the vineyard, farm the land and make the wine so you can enjoy wines that are a true expression of our work.”


In this digital age no industry can escape the need for connectivity.  Coeur de Terre Vineyards was in the process of moving their operations to the cloud, and since OnlineNW had worked with Scott in the past, he reached out to see what we could do together to provide his home and winery with increased bandwidth.  But, due to its remote location, the vineyard was unable to see any of our existing tower locations, a requirement for a wireless Internet connection.  Surrounded by rolling hills and tall evergreens, getting Internet to them was going to require a lot of planning, hard-work, partnership, and good old fashioned ingenuity.  


How do you provide Internet to a very remote winery?  You get the surrounding community involved, that’s how.  The Internet connection at Coeur de Terre Vineyards has seen many iterations and our latest solution needed the cooperation of another local winery, a neighbor and Scott’s personal home.  

OnlineNW has a tower location at Youngberg Hill Vineyards in rural McMinnville.  The site is used to provide wireless Internet to residents and businesses in the surrounding valley.  By adding another transmitter, to supply the increased bandwidth, an intermediary point was still needed that had line-of-site to both Youngberg Hill and Coeur de Terre.  An existing OnlineNW customer, and friend of Scott’s, was approached and agreed to offer a spot on his property that was the perfect handoff location.  A new transmitter, a post in a field with power ran to it, a couple of UBNT 5AC 500 ISO PowerBeams, and a lot of hard-work later, Scott had a long-term upgrade in place.

Today, Coeur de Terre Vineyards has a robust wireless Internet feed, with committed bandwidth, that he uses to power streaming video at his home and run daily operations at the adjacent winery.  Scott had this to say about the upgrade, “This upgrade has increased employee satisfaction when processing orders.  No more dropped calls from the VoIP phone service.  We couldn’t have moved our information to the cloud without the upgrade.”

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