Soter Vineyards Case Study

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Interconnecting Soter Vineyards with a Fiber Network Solution



About a mile to the east outside the city limits of Carlton, Oregon is Soter Vineyards.  You wouldn’t find their tasting room by happenstance, as there’s no visual marker of their presence on NE Mineral Springs Road.  This is intentional, as the tasting room is open by appointment only.  However, if you make an advanced appointment you’ll be rewarded with wines of the highest quality and caliber, and sweeping views of the Yamhill-Carlton AVA.

With a campus that includes a production facility, offices, tasting room, and guest cottages Soter Vineyards had a need to interconnect their buildings for Internet and internal communications.  OnlineNW was able to quickly pull fiber through existing conduit to each structure, providing a business class network solution.  This infrastructure allowed Soter to have Internet at each location, securely share internal data, and use OnlineNW phone services.  In addition, OnlineNW was able to provide Internet and phone services to Soter’s sister tasting room, North Valley Vineyards, where the two locations can share information as one.

Soter Vineyards

“At Soter Vineyards we farm our wine. These wines are a reflection of the intention to convey place as an essential character in everything we make. The combination of respectful farming and craftsmanship as well as our ancient soils and temperate climate result in wines that are layered, nuanced and seductively captivating while remaining modest in alcohol and tannin, a happy consequence of the interaction of both the hand and the land.”  


When Chelsea McShane (Executive Assistant at Soter Vineyards) first contacted OnlineNW back in 2011 it was to see if we offered something better than their existing DSL Internet and Phone service provider.  Chelsea explained their DSL was slow and very intermittent.  Their phone system was very basic and, “disrupted our ability to offer the best customer service possible, where dropped calls and lost transfers occurred frequently.”

Chelsea believed that due to their rural location options were limited or nonexistent.  Soter’s needs consisted of a faster more consistent Internet connection, an improved phone system that was easy to use, and a network solution to interconnect all the buildings on their property.  Could OnlineNW help?


Initial meetings, walkthroughs and discussions helped determine that OnlineNW would be a good fit and could provide all the services and solutions Soter desired.  Our wireless service is engineered to provide high-speed Internet to those in rural locations.  With line-of-sight to one of our towers we were able to provide the bandwidth and uptime necessary to provide a huge improvement over their prior DSL connection.  Chelsea had this to say, “At Soter Vineyards our focus is on producing top teired wines, crafted from rich soils and respectful farming.  Taking our grapes to bottle is a long meticulous process, where every detail is purposeful and methodical.  We rely on having seamless operations, not only in the vineyard and winery, but also in our back office and tasting rooms.”

OnlineNW’s Hosted PBX phone services replaced their aging PBX and provided more advanced features, a long term solution since the only hardware are Cisco IP phones, and monthly savings which included long distance and competitive rates.  This solution allowed Soter to reimagine their call flow structure, transfer calls with ease, and provide the ability to offer the best customer service possible by having the phone service uptime greatly improved.  
Using existing conduit on Soter’s property we were able to pull fiber and interconnect their entire campus.  This infrastructure allowed Soter to have Internet, phone service, and to share information between their offices, tasting room, production facility and guest cottages.  In addition Soter’s other location, North Valley Vineyards, also has OnlineNW Internet and Phone services making communications between the facilities seamless.  Chelsea remarked, “With multiple tasting facilities, we depend on our internal structures to be efficient and adept to handle a complex network.  With the customer experience at the forefront, we continually refine our internal systems to run a smoothly and effectively as possible.”

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